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Re: gearbox swap   2001-08-02 16:23:00 <tony@...>

> Supra Club of New Zealand -
> I am going to swap my auto for a manual. Do I need to change rear diff
> and prop shaft? If so, should I get a toyota one or something for high
> perf?
> Also, Is the ECU different for a 5spd? I might end up having to change
> too much stuff, so actually if anyone knows all the stuff I would need
> to change, please list them for me.
> Andy S


You will need to change the prop shaft, rear gearbox mount and "modify" the
hole in the floor that the shifter comes thru. You will also need the trim
that goes around a manual gear shifter. You do not need to change the diff but
it is probable that the speedo ratio in the gearbox you fit will not match the
diff (may not be a big deal, depends). An auto ECU and loom should work OK
with a manual gearbox, but at the very least you will have to bridge out the
starter switch connections to the auto.

BTW I can give you a flywheel/clutch assembly and 1G-W5x bell housing but I do
not have a spare gearbox. A good W58 can be got in Wellington for around $50.
The driveshaft may be a problem but could be made up by combining your old auto
one with the front off a manual MKII. I am assuming that a manual MKII drive
shaft would not be the right length.



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