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RE: Needs vs wants   2001-08-02 16:24:00 <tony@...>

Another option would be to do away with the AFM altogether and use a Link or
similar for fuel management only. That way you keep stock ignition system,
knock retard etc and are able to tailor the fuel map to injectors and boost.
During the past weekend I ran a Link and a stock Toyota ECU together on a
7M-GTE with no apparent problems. The cam position sensor seems to drive the
two systems in parallel OK.

Link ECU costs about $1000. How does that compare with a Lexus AFM?


> Supra Club of New Zealand -
> > What about the Lexus/Hall version doing the rounds lately
> > where quite a few
> > people have been putting on the Lexus AFM only, with minor
> > fuel pressure adjustments.
> > Given that no one has blown their engine yet has anyone got
> > any comments on that one?
> Not on New Zealand fuel you wouldn't. You'd be killing your engine in no
> time flat.
> Also when I was running my RebicLC it was showing that I was running very
> close to full duty cycle on the injectors, so someone is going to run lean
> and blow the hell out of their engine very soon.
> Cheers
> Cully
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