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Re: BHG   2001-08-02 16:25:00 <tony@...>

> Supra Club of New Zealand -
> You will probably get a month out of it.
> My last project had a BHG.. It drove fine until getting in behind slow
> stationary traffic on hot days. [no air on the radiator to cool] I also
> believed the BHG was present for two months before I got the car. [Craig had
> a slight BHG for 6 months before it went pop in a big way]

I only got this MKIII a few weeks ago and I have had persistent water loss
problems. I tested for combustion products in the water but it was negative
until this latest incident. I do not want to leave it as I am concerned about
erosion of the block and head surfaces (have seen the effects of that on my
other 7M-GTE) and I have some long drives coming up.



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