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Re: [sconz]1JZ turbo relocation   2003-03-26 10:54:00 <TRIPLE M>
Well Folks, i have finally pulled the turbo's off my 1JZ motor, not to fix,
but to turn the back one around and build new exhaust for it. The turbo's
appear in remarkably good condition(touch wood) so I am just cleaning them
up and putting them back on. I will take some photos when finished. I am
also removing the Air Con pump and radiator and fitting a new drive belt,
moving the Hydraulic fan pipes and reservoir and building a better air box
in the front. As to the front spoiler, I am not sure if i will have time to
remodel it, but time will tell. I have to build a roll cage as well before
September, when it will be in the Hamilton Tarmac Rally, all being equal.

So just a few things to do. I will keep you posted and let you know if what
I am doing is worth it in the performance stakes. I have a controlled piece
of road I use for testing(public of course :-)) so will know the results
from that. I have also used a G-Tech although the clutch was stuffed at the
time and i have never been good at getting my car off the line, probably
because i like to keep my tyres and clutch. So i will be looking at more
than 300 RWHP if this Change has done any good. I know it is only a G-Tech,
but it is the difference i will be looking for, And I know that the person
who used this G-Tech had VERY similar figures from a Dyno on several
occasions. The last figures i got were 276 RWHP, 0-60mph time (with
verified Accurate digital speedo) of 5.2 seconds with 2 people.

Anyway, lets see what happens

Any comments on other improvements, while I have the turbo's and front
bumper off, would be welcome.


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