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Re: [sconz]1JZ turbo relocation   2003-03-26 11:23:00 <TRIPLE M>
Obviously you haven't seen my budget Cully :-) or talked to my wife!! I
take your point though, but I'll have to worry about that if and when it

I have discussed the over-speed problem with some people i would call
knowledgeable with turbo's and I think we have covered this. I am not sure
on the technical details, so can't elaborate, but when its all finished, I
hope then to have a better understanding of the process. I know this has
been done in a Soarer so am keen to see how it goes in a Supra!

At 10:59 AM 26/03/2003 +1200, you wrote:

> > Any comments on other improvements, while I have the turbo's and front
> > bumper off, would be welcome.
>Simple: Bigger intercooler. Given the CT12As are highly susceptible to
>damage via overspeed, it's in your best interests to keep them spinning as
>slowly as possible. A bigger intercooler means more pressure for a given
>speed, more power, less wear.
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