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Re: Yee hah!   2001-08-02 16:34:00 <tony@...>

> Supra Club of New Zealand -
> Parents! Lock up ya daughters, because the idiot with excessive boost is
> back!

You Aucklanders must be a bit slow ;=)

Sunday morning, Engine and transmission out, repair oil leak under turbo and
tidy up a few bits and pieces.

Sunday afternoon, put all back together, car running 7:30 pm.

The high point of the weekend (apart from seeing Canterbury thrash Auckland at
the Rugby) was the look on the landlord's face when he saw the 7M-GTE and auto
suspended in the air from the garage roof, which is also the floor of the
house. And he is a builder. He looked long and hard and then decided that he
had better things to do!



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