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Re: [sconz] Re: Emailing: MainMenu   2003-05-07 16:50:00 <Tony Reeves>
This info has been sent out to "VCU Reviewers; Vehicle Certification Unit;
HO Help Desk" this afternoon....

> Hi All
> A reminder that the phrase 'noticeably and significantly' still applies
> when assessing exhaust noise.
> The thrust of Infosheet 2.04 is to clarify the phrase 'that should be
> expected for the vehicle' which now reads more concisely as 'that should
> be expected from the original exhaust system as fitted new by the
> manufacturer'. Various wordings are used to express this but the
> requirement to use the original exhaust system as a benchmark or point of
> reference has been clearly communicated and appears to be well understood.
> The area not so clearly understood seems to be that the allowable noise
> levels have changed from '..noticeably and significantly louder..' to just
> '..louder..'. This is not the case.
> '..noticeably and significantly louder..' has not changed - it remains as
> stated in the VIRM.

It still looks bad, but better. I understand that there has been
considerable talk at LTSA HO today. More is likely.




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